Dental Implant Doctor in Adajan Surat

Dr Bhumik Patel is one of the best DENTAL IMPLANT DOCTOR IN  ADAJAN, SURAT. Doctor Bhumik is patel is having very good practice in DENTAL IMPLANT TREATMENT. currently he is providing treatment in adajansurat for DENTAL IMPLANT.
Dental Implant is the best and latest solution to replace the missing tooth.
They are made of titanium metal and are totally compatible with human body.

Advantages of dental implants:

1. It takes support from the jaw bone so we dont have to grind adjacent teeth like in bridge. Its totally independent body and does not rely on adjacent teeth.

2. Implant transfers all the chewing forces into the bone unlike bridge , which tranfers the chewing forces on adjacent teeth.

3. It replaces tooth completely in form of root and crown as in natural tooth, whereas bridge replaces only tooth crown not the root.