Flap Surgeries

Flap surgery is done to remove subgingival( beneath the gums) calculus.

In severe cases only scaling does not remove all the deposits.there are some more deposits lying beneath the gums, which has to be removed to cure gum health.

Indications of flap surgeries:

1. Bleeding gums
2. Recession of gums
3. Bad breath
4. Moble ( lose) teeth
5. Swollen gums
6. Feeling of stickyness or discharge of pus from the gums in mouth.
7. Pockets.

Procedure is done under local anesthesia . Affected gums are refflected and scaling and root planning of affected teeth are done. then gums are sutured back to normal position.It takes one week of time for healinng and symptoms to subside. After flap surgery patient has to come for regular scaling every year to maintain good gum health.