Root canal doctor in Adajan, Surat

Dr Bhumik Patel is one of the best ROOT CANAL DOCTOR IN  ADAJAN, SURAT. Doctor Bhumik is patel is having very good practice in ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. currently he is providing treatments in adajan, surat for ROOT CANAL.

Root canal means pulp cavity of tooth: the cavity in the root of a tooth, containing pulp, nerves, and blood vessels

 Root canal treatment: a dental treatment in which the diseased tissue in a root canal is removed and replaced with an inert material.

Root Canal is treatment to save your decayed or badly caroius teeth instead of removing it.It keeps your natural teeth intact in mouth.

It usually takes 1-4 sittings. Most of the cases pain subsides after first sitting.Every sitting we take x-ray to confirm proper cleaning of canals.After cleaning your tooth is filled and brought back to original shape.Root canal treated tooth is numb, it does not have any sensation but it has its chewing capacity like other tooth.

Most of the teeth after root canal treatment require crown(cap) on it. Crown protects tooth from fracture and gives long life to tooth.

Pure Dental Clinic serves you painless and quality treatment with material and equipment  of international standard.