Wisdom Tooth Removal

Human dentition has 4 wisdom teeth, 2 in each jaw.They errupt at age between 18-22yrs.They are the last teeth to errupt in oral cavity.
Sometimes due to lack of space in mouth wisdom tooth errupt in angulated position, sometimes half erruption occurs or may be sometimes they stay embedded in bone itself.

In any of above cases it can cause:

1. Pain in relative area.
2. Swelling
3. Pain can radiate to ear, throat and head in case of lower wisdom tooth.
4. Difficulty in mouth opening and swallowing.
5. Cavity in adjacent tooth due to food lodgement.

The permanent solution is to remove the wisdom tooth. it does not effect eye sight or any other organ.
After taking the X-ray of particular side a minor surgery is required. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia and usually takes less than 1 hour.Person can continue his/her routine work on the day or after surgery. there is no rest required as such.